Go around Higashimurayama with GOSHUIN-CHO
Let's feel the amazing spots of Higashimurayama city! Higashimurayama Special Tour

It is a half-day tour that touches history, tours of sake brewery, beer factory, source factory etc. You will be a FAN of Higashimurayama! We are looking for participants.

Outline of Special Tour


February 23, 2019(Saturday) 12:30~18:00

Limited to:

20 Persons


One person 1,500 yen


Meet At: Higashi-Murayama Station > 1. Shofuku-ji temple (National treasure) > 2. The National Hansen's Disease Museum > 3. Zenshoen Nagomi (Break time) > 4. Distant Shores Brewing (Factory Tour and Tasting) > 5. Toyoshimaya Shuzo (Factory Tour and Tasting) > Tour Ends At: Kumegawa Station

*Please come at your own expense to the meeting place.
*This tour is a bus tour. Guide is attached to the tour.


Please apply by e-mail by February 22.

Due date

Applications must be received by 17:00 of 22th of February, 2019

When you apply, please provide the following information by e-mail.

[Subject] Higashimurayama Special Tour
[Body] (1) Full name (2) Age (3) Sex (4) Country you are from (5) Telephone number or e-mail address we can contact on the day of the tour

Mail to:  tokyo-travel7155@orion.ocn.ne.jp